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The possibility of using marijuana for medical purposes is a true blessing for thousands of Americans. And having the right to consume it for recreation is another benefit for those who live in California. Here, places like our 420 Green Shop can become thriving dispensaries that provide both relief to patients and fun time for average users by offering legal weed for sale. Our full assortment includes not only seeds and flowers of different Sativa strains but also many other cannabis products, including:

  • Concentrates, oils, and resins. Every liquid at our online marijuana store is perfectly refined and doesn’t contain any supplements.

  • Hash, shatters, and CBD isolates. Our selection includes products created both with the use of new technologies and traditional methods of weed processing.

  • Vapes, carts, cured joints, and pens. These items will be an excellent choice for those who prefer to stay simple with preparation and consume cannabis the easiest way possible.

We value our reputation and put our client satisfaction first. That’s why we assure you that by ordering marijuana online at 420 Green Shop, you will get only high-quality products that meet international standards. The purity of our goods is unmatched so that you can rest easy, knowing that you will get nothing but the best experience.

How to order real weed at our shop?

When you buy cannabis on our website, you can be 100% sure that it will be delivered to you timely and safely. We ship all over the USA, to neighboring countries, and, in some cases, worldwide. If your order exceeds $1,000, we will deliver it for free. And if the package won’t arrive at your location for some reason, we will provide you with a money-back transfer. 

We acknowledge that some users might find it risky to buy cheap weed online. But we also know that at 420 Green Shop, not a single customer was left empty-handed. Our support team is always available online, so you can contact us via chat on the website any time you want. You can also visit our physical store in San Jose. Our specialists will be glad to help you with any questions related to marijuana products we sell. 

Here at the 420 Green Shop marijuana online store, we strive to provide the best service to the customers, so we put their comfort first. First of all, we aim to help people, and only then reach commercial success. We have been working in the industry of cannabis products for almost a decade. That’s how we have learned that most of our clients think of weed as a therapeutic remedy, not merely a light drug you can get high on. We share this vision and follow the principles of harm reduction. 

Even though you buy our marijuana online on the cheap, it doesn’t mean that you will get a bad-quality product. We believe that things that have benefits for health and bring joy should not be expensive. That’s why we sell cannabis that is both affordable and grown with love and care by the first-rate professionals.



Free Shipping

We offer Free Shipping on all orders above $1000, and can include a 20% discount when an order has been approved. This will depend on your location.

Customer Support

Our customer is ready 24/7 to attend to your immediate issues through our SECURED online chat system. We hope to have you satisfied at all levels.

15 days money back Guaranteed

It is true we love online purchase, but if a package is not well sent or is not receive in desired conditions, our system guarantees a MONEY BACK TRANSFER.